• Watch this beautiful film 
  • live on rocky mountain sides in Asia, North America, and parts of Eastern Europe
  • gather a variety of plants for the winter to eat and build up their burrows
  • poison in some of plants acts as preservatives…as it dissipates the Pika can eat them!

Dik Dik:

  • Lives in Africa
  • small antelope (12-16 in. tall)
  • feeds on high h20 foods
  • can live independently of free water-protection from predators

Kangaroo Rat

  • Lives in the deserts of CA
  • complex kidney that has allowed it’s urine to be up to 23% more concentrated than our own which is 8%
  • minimize evaporative loss by staying cool in burrows during the day then coming out at night and eating oily and starchy seeds.
  • Never experience free water!


“La Gerbe” | Henri Matisse 1953

Henri Matisse was commissioned by Sidney and Frances Brody in the last years of his life to create a ceramic wall work for their A. Quincy Jones designed home. Sidney Brody was a LACMA board chair, and the Brody’s were major modern art collectors.

Color was the key focus of Matisse’s art—decorative in conception and emotionally expressive—his goal was to produce “an art of balance, of purity and serenity.”

La Gerbe , executed in ceramic, is based on a paper cutout of the same title (which the Brodys donated to UCLA following the major Matisse exhibition at UCLA that Mrs. Brody was very involved in). This Matisse ceramic wall stands as one of the artist’s last works, and his only west coast commission.

La Gerbe was promised to LACMA in conjunction with the museum’s 25th anniversary and comes to LACMA upon the recent death of Frances Brody in 2009. (Stephanie Barron, Senior Curator of Modern Art)

Source: collectionsonline.lacma.org | midcenturia.com

pretty into this right now.

What to do in LA?

  • I'll be in LA, Santa Monica area (also visiting friends at UC Irvine) for a few days. Any suggestions?

I really don’t understand how sassy people are sometimes.


So my roommates always joke about getting a rat—which I always say no to. One of my roommates texts me saying she has to babysit her friend’s rat for a few days. The rat’s name is Beyonce. Beyonce better not pee on my stuff.

Way too excited for summer. Can’t focus on anything.

Jessica Hankey

"Women’s Club"

C-print, Framed
26” x 33”




The importance of consent: a narrative.

I will forever reblog this gifset.

look at how badass she is though i mean some of it gets on her too and doesn’t even give a fuck


Here at MoMA Library, we are always attending to the research needs of our curatorial staff. This volume is a great example of our diligence, directly supporting research within our recently-acquired video game collection.

“Be Cool and Act Cool” -ds

oh. hey. that’s my dad.

Went to the Crocker Art Museum today to see the Gregory Kondos’s exhibit! Talked to him and his wife after viewing the show :) His wife broke out into her Cal sorority songs when I told her I attend UC Berkeley. They were both quiet charming.